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Rankings of Gamification Platforms

We wanted to share some details from our first Gamification Industry Report that compared and ranked twelve gamification platforms. And you are in for some surprises! If you are in the market shopping for one to get your gamification strategy going, then this is certainly for you.

In the Gamification Platform Leader Matrix (see the chart Figure below) we plotted product and service offerings against the visionary strength of each platform. We clustered the platforms into Leaders, Followers, and Contenders. Leaders are strong in both categories, offering rich features and tools to design and operate a gamified system, and also offering strong vision in their approach and platform architecture. Elements that define a strong vision can include the use of gamification design models, new standards, thought leadership in how to use gamification data, or the application of visual and novel gamification design elements.

Gamification Platform Matrix

We identified four platforms (GamEffective, Infosys, Bunchball, Badgeville) as gamification leaders, three platforms (Funifier, eMee, BizPart Engage) as gamification followers, and five platforms (Mambo.io, SAP, Playlyfe, Gamification-Engine, TribeCloud) as gamification contenders.

The overall ranking of platforms is based on all categories. For each category a vendor could gain points that were then tallied into the ranking. The top leader is GamEffective, followed by Bunchball in second place, and a tie at the third position between Badgeville and Infosys.


New Book on Octalysis!

Gamification pioneer and EGC partner Yu-kai Chou has finally published his book on Octalysis. order his book Actionable Gamification - Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards at LeanPub.

Articles, Studies, Crowdfunding

Looking for some interesting reads on gamification and behaviors? Here is a collection handpicked with love from San Francisco for you:

  • Aggressive Classroom Behavior: The Girls Set the Tone
    A surprising study that concludes that the girls' behavior in a classroom influence whether the class is more aggressive or not. For several reasons: 1) girls form a more homogenous group than boys 2) girls look up to older boys (i.e. other classrooms) and learn from their behaviors 3) boys look at the girls in the same classroom, but because of 2) have no influence on the girls.
  • Playbrush - Gamify Brushing Teeth for Children
    A kickstarter campaign is raising funds to bring a playful way of brushing teeth to your kids. A small device attached to your child's toothbrush will control a game character on your mobile device and only be successful, if your child did a great job!
  • How to Predict Which of Your Co-Workers Will Steal Office Supplies
    To weed out hires who might go on to misbehave, recruiters are relying on ethics questionnaires, personality tests, and credit histories. But can they truly anticipate misconduct?
  • How To Really Motivate Sales People
    Another take on what motivates sales people. And it's not the bonus or commission.

Gamification Shop

Spring is here and you haven't yet started your New Year Resolution of studying gamification? Well, here is your chance.

  1. An Online Course on Parenting with Gamification by Mario Herger
    Act now! The 30% Discount expires April 30th!
  2. Gamification Book Bundle for $59.-
    Over 900+pages, 400+ examples, 200+ studies and books listed in these 6 books.
  3. Octalysis Gamification Workshop in April by Yu-kai Chou

Bonus Level! Pacapong - The Ultimate Mashup Game

Pacapong!You loved Pac-Man? And Pong? And Donkey Kong? And Space Invaders? Then you were a kid in the 80s! But you hated that you could play those games only once at a time?

Here is your dream come true! The ultimate game: Pacapong!

All games united in one! You pong the Pac-Man killing the Space Invaders while avoiding Donkey Kong. And for you a moment to introduce your kids to some real game history!

Make work more fun!


PS: don't forget to get our first Gamification Industry Report

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