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PTA President Notes

February 28, 2016

Hey Presidents... 

School Board meeting tomorrow!! Here's the agenda packet.

To do list for Presidents:
  • Talk to your Board and nominate a person or organization for the PTA Council awards (see separate email that went out a few days ago)
  • Advertise to your board/membership the opportunity for training at the 3/12 conference in Shoreline. One of the perks of membership is free training... PTA & the Law, Grant Writing and Grassroots Advocacy (getting your issue on the legislative platform) are all training options.
  • Send in your "You Rock" blurbs NOW. We're not getting regular response, so please send in your brags and we'll publish them!!
  • Nominate at least one person from your PTA for a Council position. It can be big or small, but we'll need people to talk to! Look for the separate Nomination email coming out shortly.
Superintendent Coffee Topics

Great attendance at this past week's coffee. Thank you for that.  Two topics worth going over a bit...

First, the District has adopted the "Run Hide Fight" Plan. This is intended to empower teachers in particular to do what they need to do to keep themselves and their charges safe. Training is underway (staff first), and you will likely be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. As a reminder, regular drills are done in every school building, and this will become just part of the routine.

Second, Marla Miller spoke about the potential change to the staff development days, which affect the calendar. The current idea, which came out of a committee, is to have early release days on Mondays rather than multiple full days off over the year. Most other local Districts employ an early release model, generally choosing Wednesdays or Fridays.

Mondays are the current choice because of the high school schedule. Those are "A" days, when students go to all classes. The other days are odd or even, when they see half of their teachers for a longer class time (amped up from middle school, which does long periods on two days). The impact to instruction would be less for high schoolers on the day that they have less time with each teacher anyway.

When asked about a late arrival rather than an early release (thinking again about high schoolers and the well-publicized need for sleep in the morning), Marla said that the teachers believed their instructional development time would best be used after they had seen their kids for the day; if staff development comes first, they would be thinking about the kids rather than learning and networking. Side note: during a recent principal coffee at Shorewood, the principal thought the exact opposite...

Coming out either tomorrow or the day after, there will be a publication coming to every household in the District, announcing public meetings to learn more and provide our input. After the first meeting has been done (and videoed, apparently), the District will put up an online survey to capture the opinions of people who are unable to attend a meeting. Our group of parents expressed interest in making sure that online survey takers had to watch the video of the meeting prior to answering the questions (it is quite possible that people will change their minds after being educated on the subject).

This is a good time to provide input in the calendar in general (as they will be bargaining this piece). If you would like to see a later start to the calendar year (as was presented at the Council meeting), this is an excellent time to ask for that to be considered. If you are interested in a later start to the school day, you can ask for that to be considered as well. If you have a strong opinion about the day of the week that is settled on, including days that would be very difficult for your family/school, express that. If you have another idea entirely, throw that out there. As you are submitting your comments, please try to be as detailed as possible about what you consider to be challenges or benefits to whatever scenario you are advocating for. 

Staff development is very important for our educators, and it sounds like having more opportunities for them to learn, even a shorter amount of time in a sitting, is beneficial. There is also the likelihood that kids would experience fewer days with subs, as staff days are built in a little better. 

Region 6 Conference

Including PTA & the Law and other classes! 

Registration link is here:

Saturday, March 12, 8:30-1 pm, Shoreline Center
Likely classes include Grassroots Advocacy (with help for people who want to submit issues for the 2-year platform), membership, and grant writing. 

Sign up NOW or this conference will be cancelled.

Please publicize to your boards and membership.


These are all due March 1!!!
Advocacy Award of Excellence *NEW*
The purpose of this new award is to promote advocacy at local PTAs, community PTAs, and councils by recognizing programs, projects, and activities/events that increase awareness of and participation in advocacy issues at the school, local community, council, region, state, and national level. What does advocacy mean to your local PTA or council? 
Advocacy Award of Excellence application

Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Award of Excellence *NEW*
The purpose of this award is to promote family and community engagement at local PTAs, community PTAs, and councils by recognizing programs, projects, and activities/events that increase family and community engagement and involvement. What does family and community engagement look like at your local PTA or council? 
Family & Community Engagement Award of Excellence application

Standards of Excellence *New Platinum Level*
Recognizes and encourages the use of the best practices of PTA management. This award is a great place for all local PTAs and councils to start! 
Local & Community PTA application 
Council application
Training Tracking Spreadsheet

Mentor-A-PTA Award
Recognizes local PTAs, councils, and service delivery teams for mentoring other local PTAs, councils, or service delivery teams by providing assistance to their adopted PTA entity. 
Mentor-A-PTA Award application 

Outstanding Communication Strategy
Recognizes local PTA and council use of all forms of communication. Use of multiple forms of communication is important in reaching all of the membership and/or community served. 
Outstanding Communication Strategy application

Outstanding Newsletter & E-blast Award
Recognizes local PTA and council newsletters and e-blasts, as both are important and effective forms of communication. 
Outstanding Newsletter & E-blast application

Outstanding PTA of the Year
Recognizes and honors those local PTAs and councils that, when compared to all others in their unique environment and within their own special circumstances, are the most representative examples that exemplify the purposes and mission of PTA. 
Outstanding PTA of the Year application 

Outstanding Website
Recognizes local PTA and council websites, as they are an important and effective form of communication. 
Outstanding Website - Local & Community PTA application 
Outstanding Website - Council application 

PTAs Taking Significant Action
Recognizes the accomplishments of local PTAs and councils that present programs, projects, and activities showing originality, involvement, potential, usefulness, and results. 
PTAs Taking Significant Action application 


Volunteer Recognition Award
The WSPTA is a volunteer organization. The differences made in the lives of children are because of volunteers who are committed to being a voice for every child. In gratitude for many hours of service and training, the WSPTA Board of Directors created the Leadership Academy Awards Program. The purpose of this program is to recognize and acknowledge leadership skills attained by PTA leaders throughout all levels of the association. PTA leaders are encouraged to join the Leadership Academy program and submit their activity annually to create a record of their leadership in the association. 

The program awards leadership points for leadership positions held in both PTA and other educational committees, classes presented, conference attendance, and other WSPTA nd National PTA events. The award recognizes four leadership levels from bronze to crystal. All levels are recognized with a certificate and a pin. Crystal awardees are recognized on state at the WSPTA annual convention each spring. 

Details about the prorgram levels and instructions are found on the application form. Membership Application and updates are due March 1st. 

Word version | PDF version

This program is free to join. It is a great way to create a record of your leadership development that can be included on your professional resumé, as you gain the skills to become a leader in your community. 

New for 2015-16
Points will only be accepted for up to two years: the current PTA year (2015-16) and the previous PTA year (2014-15).   


Important Council Dates

Thursday, 3/17: Superintendent Coffee, Sherrick Room 
Monday 3/28, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room (electing Nominating Committee)

Thursday 4/7: PTA Appreciation Luncheon (no Super coffee in April)
Monday 4/25, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room (Officer elections)
Wednesday 27, 6-8:30 pm: Recognition Dinner, Shoreline Room
Tuesday 5/17, 6-8 pm: Spring Dessert Training
Thursday 5/19: Superintendent Coffee, Sherrick Room 

How can Council help you? Give us your ideas, your feedback, your needs, concerns, and triumphs.


Monday 2/29, 7 pm: School Board Meeting

Important to know:
FedEx discount code: 0520882103!

 You rock:
2/28 - Echo Lake
3/6 - Kellogg
3/13 - Shorewood
3/20 - Parkwood
3/27 - Briarcrest
4/3 - Special Needs
4/10 - Highland Terrace
4/17 - Lake Forest Park
4/24 - Children's Center
5/1 - Meridian Park
5/8 - Cascade K8

Mark Your Calendars

Monday 2/29, 7 pm: School Board Meeting

Monday 3/7: No School
March 8-11: Elementary Parent Conferences
Monday, 3/14, 7 pm: School Board Meeting
Thursday, 3/17: Superintendent Coffee, Sherrick Room 
Monday 3/28, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room
Monday, 3/28, 7 pm: School Board Meeting


Training Opportunities
Other training opportunities (you can attend in any Region, if there is a location and date that is more convenient for you):

Region 6 DirectorJanice Kutzera 
*3/12 | 8:30a - 12:30p | Shoreline | Registration *NEW*

Region 7 Director: Mary Levesque 

*3/12 | 8:30am - 2:30pm | Everett | Registration *NEW* 

*Includes PTA & the Law

Other Events

Screening of The Mask You Live In
Sunday, March 6, 5 pm
Shoreline Auditorium

Explores how our culture's narrow definition of masculinity is harming our boys, men and society at large and unveils what we can do about it.
Details to come. We'll need your help advertising this event!

Webinar: Engaging Your Parent Community in School Health and Wellness 
Tuesday, March 15
Parents are largely an untapped resource in the movement towards healthier schools. This webinar will feature success stories, effective strategies and practical pointers for engaging parents as powerful partners in your school wellness efforts. For school health teams and community members, or join this webinar to become a parent wellness champion. Register for the webinar.
Source: Action For Healthy Kids

LGBT Family Welcome Dinner
April 7

Shoreline Center
Details TBA

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