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May's Inspiration and Motivation

    Hi <<First Name>>,

It's that time of year again


It seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, paring down, getting organized and living a simpler life with less stuff.

It seems that we have the desire and the good intention to do these things but then it’s easy to fall flat in the execution. 

It’s a cruel joke that the spring bloom motivates us to want to clean house but then it’s too nice to stay inside to get the job done!

If you can
focus on the why of why you want to get organized it will help you stay on track.  

Being organized:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Feels so darn good!

If these still aren’t enough for you to face your clutter and attack then it’s time to raise the flag and call in some help. 

Do you have a friend or relative that likes to organize?  They may be happy to attack the clutter with you. 

If you’d rather not show them what’s behind closed cabinets and doors then it’s time to hire help.  There are people who love organizing so much that they make it their life’s work.  

One such person is Karen Buschini from In it’s Place Organizing.  Karen is like the Energizer Bunny and Hoodini rolled into one.  She will make your clutter disappear and she will do it so efficiently and energetically that it will amaze you!

I had the pleasure of working with Karen recently on my home and I feel transformed!  Here are a few of her strategies to stay organized:

  1. A place for everything, and everything in its place. When things have a home,  it’s easy to put things away and even easier to find them.

  2.  Get into the habit of putting things away.  Clutter is postponed decisions.  

  3.  Open mail in front of the recycling bin. Immediately discard junk mail and the envelopes and inserts that come with bills and keep only the items that need action.

  4.  Purge and donate regularly.  If everything is special, then nothing really is.  A great exercise for children to learn early.

  5.  Use the KISS principle:  Keep it simple, stupid.  Organization system should intuitive and easy for anyone to follow.

 As Karen was leaving my house after a long day of de-cluttering she exclaimed “That was so much fun!”  

I might not enjoy de-cluttering as much as Karen but I do agree that it’s fun living in a home that feels open, efficient and  peaceful.

Happy de-cluttering!


I’d love to hear how you stay organized.  Send me an email at .  See the sidebar for a couple of my strategies. 

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What's worked for me:
  • Linus Pantry Binz
You can find them at the Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond.  I never believed that chip bags could stay so tamed!
  •  Having the following folders in a sorter on my desk:
    • To-do
    • Bills to be paid
    • Hold/Follow up
    • One folder for each of my kids to hold camp forms, school notices, etc.
Sounds so simple and it is!  But it works!

Want to reach Karen?

Karen Buschini
Professional Organizer

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